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Referendum Progress Report

This is a report of the progress made as a result of the referendum for continuing operational expenses, sometimes referred to as an “operating referendum.”  It will be updated at the end of each subsequent year.

On April 5, 2005 district residents authorized the school board to exceed the state revenue limit in the amount of $1.3 million on a recurring basis.  This means that one time, in 2006 $1.3 million was levied and added to formula that calculates the amount of state aid versus tax levy.  Subsequent years of revenue limit calculations are computed on each preceding year’s data, with the resultant effect that the impact carries over in future years, however, over time inflation reduces the value of the original $1.3 million.

Realizing this decreasing residual impact the school board planned a strategy of allocating disbursements across seven areas of need:  textbooks, technology, educational programs, furniture replacements, facilities maintenance, roofing, and increasing fund equity in order to eliminate the cost of borrowing for cash flow.  Aside from educational concerns the board faced major issues of deteriorating roofs, whether to repair or condemn the existing track, and addressing deferred maintenance projects due to the negative impact of ten years of state revenue limits.  Annually prioritizing the needs, the board authorized projects and other disbursements to accomplish its goals over time.  This process is on-going and will continue in order to ensure that the proceeds are expended in accordance with the published areas of need.

The district made incredible progress over the past two years, as is depicted below.

2005 - 2006 School Year

Textbooks:   $189,133.66  - science, social studies, language arts, math, business ed., family and consumer ed., foreign language and music

Technology:  $155,672.00  - upgraded the fiber-optic backbone, server and infrastructure upgrades, four editing suites replaced, one mobile laptop lab

Educational Programs:  $226,208.84  - 2.0 elementary teachers, .5 music teacher, 1.0 guidance secretary, restored time to secretaries, RES counselor, supplies for new economics and elementary programs

Furniture:  $  45,372.50  - classroom desks, chairs, tables, gym furnishings, riser back-rails, carts, cabinets, bookcases

Facilities Maintenance:  $211,013.00  - stucco and wall repairs, security cameras, door replacements, floor scrubbing equipment, DMS field development, track borings, lockers, motors, tank removal

Roofing:   $313,411.00  - total roof replacement at RES, partial replacements at DHS and DES

Fund Equity:  $159,189.00  - This amount in addition to the regular budget netted $493,118 added to fund equity.


2006 - 2007 School Year

Textbooks:   $ 94,765.50  - science, PE/health, language arts, math, foreign language

Technology:  $230,510.00  - 200 replacement computers, printers, batteries, memory

Educational Programs:  $326,957.90  - 2.0 elementary teachers, .5 music teacher, 1.0 guidance secretary, restored time to secretaries, RES counselor, 1.0  English teacher, 1.0 business ed. teacher, curriculum & assessment database, English Language Learners support, professional development

Furniture:  $  78,805.00  - classroom desks, chairs, tables, lockers, file cabinets, bookcases, mobile stages

Facilities Maintenance:  $556,159.00  - replace existing track surface, RES playground replacement, street repair and bus cut-in area along front of building to reduces street congestion.                         

Roofing:  $386,319.00  -  replace all flat roof sections, plus gym roof and areas surrounding gym including  1.5 peaked roof sections 

Fund Equity:   0       
*  The above projects totaled $1,673,516.  The board had planned on using $428,125 from fund equity to cover the necessary roof and facilities projects. Some of this cost was offset by the regular budget, thus the amount taken from fund equity was $265,607.65.

The district’s fund equity as of June 30, 2007 is $2,084,466, which is 14.4% of the 2007-08 operating budget.  By policy the long term goal is 15% - 20% in order to reduce the need for short term borrowing for payroll and operating expenses and for greater financial solvency.  Since the district experienced a -$188,872 deficit in fund equity in June, 2002, this is considerable progress.


2007 - 2008 School Year

Textbooks:  $127,021.34  - science, social studies, language arts, math, foreign language

Technology:  $  50,246.50  - editing suites, SMARTboards, infrastructure

Educational Programs:  $345,268.00  - 2.0 elementary teachers, .5 music teacher, 1.0 guidance secretary, restored time to secretaries, RES counselor, 1.0 English teacher, 1.0 business ed. teacher

Furniture:  $  48,414.75  - classroom desks, chairs, tables, cabinets, matting, folding chairs, mobile stages

Facilities Maintenance:  $238,788.00  - balance of track re-surfacing and fencing, reclaiming classrooms from prior district office

Roofing:  $328,715.00  -  remainder 06-07 flat roofs replacements at DES that were completed after July 1, 2007 and posted to current year.

Fund Equity:  $161,546.00       


Three Year Summary

2005-06 $616,386.56 $524,424.00 $159,189.00
2006-07 $731,038.40 $568,961.60  
2007-08 $570,950.59 $567,503.00 $161,546.00



June 30, 2008  Fund Balance:   $2,749,935.94