Dodgeville School District - Dodgeville School District Policies Dodgeville School District - Dodgeville School District Policies en-us A. Acknowledgement of the Special Education Policy and Procedural Handbook Admission of Foreign Exchange Students Admission of Homeless Students Admission of Students Admission of Adult Students Agenda Format Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Free Workplace Alternatives for High School Students Attending Beyond Their Fourth Year Appointed Board Officials Arrangements for Support Staff Substitutes Assignment of Students Attendance at Co/Extra-Curricular Contest Attendance of Staff at Professional Meetings and Conferences B. Bidding Requirements and Procedures/Bid Form Bidding Requirements and Procedures Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan Board Committees Board Meeting Procedures Board Member Authority Board Negotiating Agents Board Negotiating Powers, Duties, and Rights Board Officers Board Operational Goals Board Organizational Meeting Board-Superintendent Relationships Building Use Form Use Form revised Fillable1.pdf C. Capitalization and Depreciation Child Abuse and/or Neglect Policy and Procedure Class Rank, Senior Student Awards, and Scholarships Class Size (K-4) Coach/Player Ratio Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Programs Code of Classroom Conduct Communicable Diseases Policy Compulsory School Attendance Confidentiality Policy Continued Health Coverage for Support Staff Copyright Policy Corporal Punishment Court Ordered Custody Agreements D. Defibrillator Program Policy Definition of a Full-Time Student Definition of a School Day District Maintenance Supervisor Discrimination Complaint Form Discrimination Complaint Procedure Distribution of Non-School-Related Materials District Administrator's Contract Dodgeville Middle School Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Programs - Student Eligibility E. Early Graduation Educational Philosophy Electronic Information & Communication Systems Use Policy Employee Health Policy on Chemical Dependency Employee Health Policy on Chemical Dependency ESEA Comparability Policy Evaluation of District Administrator Evaluation of Support Staff Exclusion of Students From Recess/Physical Education/Other Physical Activity Executive Sessions Extreme Heat Emergencies F. Facilities Use Form Use Form revised Fillable.pdf Facilities Use Policy Facilities Use Policy - Procedures revised.pdf Field Trip G. General Fund Balance Gifts & Bequests Graduation Requirements Graduation Requirements.pdf Grant Contest Grievance Procedure Guideline for Non-Discriminatory Testing of EEN & LEP Children H. Harassment Complaint Form Harassment Complaint Procedures Harassment & Bullying of Staff Harrassment & Bullying of Students Health Examinations High School Grade Level Advancement I. Indoor Environmental Quality Management Plan Instructional Goals J. K. L. Library Media Materials Selection Library/Media Policies Local Purchasing Locker Room Privacy Lunch Payment Policy M. Medication Policy Middle School Promotion/Required Summer School Policy Military Leave Miscellaneous Library/Media Policies Miscellaneous Support Staff Policies N. Negotiated Agreement Implementation News Release Nondiscrimination Policy Non-Sufficient (Worthless Checks) Non-Traditional High School Diplomas for Individuals Twenty-One or Older Notification of Board Meetings Notification to Complainant of Right to Appeal O. Open Enrollment - Google Docs.pdf P. Parent Involvement Policy Parent Rights and District Programs/Activities Participation in Commencement Guidelines Police/School Resource Officer Policy Adoption Policy for School in Aftermath of Suicide Policy Review and Evaluation Political Activity by Staff Members Position Description for Assistant Middle School Principal Position Description for Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services Position Description for Director of Instruction and Pupil Services Position Description - Education Specialist Position Description - Teacher Possession or Use of Weapons Post-Secondary Learning Options Post Secondary Learning Options.pdf Posting of Support Staff Vacancies Printing and Duplicating Services Priority Objectives of Board Operations Professional Staff Professional Staff Meetings Promotion of Fourth and Eighth Grade Students Public and Parent Advocacy Public Participation at Board Meetings Public Records Policy Public Records Procedures Public Solicitation/Advertising in the Schools Purchasing Procedures Purchasing Procedures Purchasing Procedures - School Milk Q. Qualifications & Duties of District Administrator Quorum R. Regular & Adjourned Board Meetings Relations with Law Enforcement Officials Relations with Parent-Teacher Organizations Religious Music in a Music Curriculum Revenue From Investments Revenue From Investments.pdf Rules of Order S. Safety Program School Attendance Areas School Board Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops School Board Elections School Board Legal Status School Board Member Ethics School Board Member Ethics School Board Powers & Duties School Building Administration School Ceremonies & Observations School District Administrator School District Goals & Objectives School District Legal Status School Lunch Payment Policy School Policy for Intevening with a Potential Suicidal Student School Properties Disposal School Safety Plans School Volunteers Policy.pdf Searches & Seizures Searches & Seizures Service Animals in the Schools Sexual Harassment of Employees Sexual Harassment of Students Smoking on School Premises by Staff Members Special Board Meetings Special Education Independent Education Evaluation Staff Protection Student Absences and Excuses Student Activity Funds Student Conduct on School Buses Student Fees Student Health Policy on Chemical Dependency Student Health Policy on Chemical Dependency Student Questioning by Non-School Personnel Student Records Confidentiality Policy Student Representation to the Board Student Transportation to School-Sponsored Events Students, Student Activities and the Community Schools Students, Student Activities and the Community Schools Suicide Prevention Policy Supervision of Support Staff Support Staff Contracts & Compensation Plans Support Staff Hiring Support Staff Leaves and Absences Support Staff Orientation Support Staff Positions - Aides Support Staff Positions - Cafeteria Employees Support Staff Positions - Custodians Support Staff Positions - Secretarial Staff Support Staff Time Schedules Surveillance Cameras Suspension & Dismissal of Support Staff Members Suspension & Expulsion of Students Suspension & Expulsion of Students T. Technology Concerns for Students with Special Needs Temporary Administrative Arrangements Textbook Care and Fine Policy Title I Comparability Policy Title IX Acceptance and Administration of Gifts, Bequests and Scholarships Title IX Admissions Title IX Athletics and Other Extra-Curricular Programs/Activities Title IX Disciplinary Actions Title IX Facilities Title IX Instructional & Library Media Materials Selection Title IX School Sponsored Food Service Programs Title IX Standards & Rules of Behavior Title IX Testing, Evaluation & Counseling Methods, Practices & Materials Tobacco Use/Possession Transportation - Daily Busing Travel Policy Truancy Truancy Intervention Program (TIP) U. Use of School District Computer Equipment Use of School Facilities Procedures V. Vendor Relations Visitors to the School Volunteer Instructor/Aide Agreement W-X-Y-Z Website Policy Wellness Policy Wisconsin Technical Excellence Scholarship