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Dodgeville 2008
Shop Class

Girls just wanna have fun, (too!)


These days there are quite a few girls taking shop classes at Dodgeville High School.

Why are these females signing up for wood, metal and construction?  “Because its fun,” says woods students Savana G., Carlee B. Mackenzie J. and Tamara M.

What exactly do students do in a shop class that brings them such joy? Make cool things, says Mackenzie J.

Working with their hands and having something in hand at the end of the course seems to bring these students happiness.

“You make something you keep forever and are proud of,” says Savana G who is finishing up a large cabinet.

Tamara M’s is making a gift for a friend.   She is burning the friends name into a block of wood.

Carlee B. made Biology teacher Bob Willie’s hall pass and is presently working on a plaque for math teacher Jeff Bradley’s “AP Calculus Wall of Famers.”

Caveat:  For those who think this fun is synonymous with easy: scrap the thought. Mackenzie J. says that there are many safety rules and procedures that must be mastered before actually running the machines.

Carlee  B. is using the CNC, or computer numerical control machine, a complicated tech rich software program attached to a machine to complete her work.  “You plug in your design,”  says Carlee.  “The machine has three axies and three motors.  It puts what you want into co-ordinates.”

And the girls are not limiting themselves to simple or small projects. Junior Savanna G. is finishing up a wall-length sewing center she built for her mother.  She did the planning, measuring, cutting, recutting, assembling/nailing, putting on the polyurethane, and finishing.  “A lot of students [would] stay away from a big project like this,”  said tech instructor John Moran.

Male classmate Diego F. says its fine with him having girls in the class "as long as they know what they are doing."  Diego assesses his male classmates with the same measuring device "they have to work safe."

Do the girls experience these classes any differently than the boys?  Not really says Tamara.   “It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy in shop class, its all about making things with your hands.” 

And about having fun.