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Dodgeville 2008
Photo competition

DHS Photography Competition

Photography students became temporary rivals when they entered their best works on Thursday December 21. 

Pictures of sunsets, soldiers in front of waving flags, imprints of winding branches over an outdoor walkway, and a pic of a young man turned old with photoshop tricks,  were lined up one after the other on computer screens along the classroom walls as judges sauntered by, looking at the students’ digital products. 

All of the photographs were high quality.  “Its tough to choose, isn’t it?” said photography teacher John Moran who organized the event.  Teachers as well as students were part of the judging.

After the ballots were counted, the tally told which student’s work was most  favored.  Matt C.'s  picture received the most votes cast.


A short interview:


Where did you take the picture?  “We were outside.”

Why did you choose that pose?  “You are not supposed to center the object.”

What did you do that made it so good?  “I made the eye pop using the color enhancements in Photoshop. 

Blue was the best color, I thought, for the eye.”

Why do you think people like it?  “Because of its quality.  It really connected with the people.”

Do you like photography class?  “It’s the best class ever because I enjoy taking pictures and editing them and making something great out of them.”

Do you see a future in the field?  “Probably not.” 

Want to thank anyone?  “Aaron Dowling, the model.”

Anything else you want to say?  “I’m number one.”




DHS photography students put their works on display and vie for top shot.  The photo above won first place.