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A primary election will be held on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 to determine the two candidates who will be running for school board at-large seat 1 at the spring election in April.  The candidates are Donald Kreul, Eileen Frank, and Tom McGraw.   The board has selected the City of Dodgeville, Town of Dodgeville, and Village of Ridgeway as open polling places.  The townships of Brigham and Ridgeway will vote at the Village of Ridgeway.  All other municipalities will vote at the City of Dodgeville.




Hunger is an issue that knows no boundaries. It is a problem that impacts 1 in 6 Americans- about 740,000 Families in Wisconsin. Although milk is one of the most requested items, it is very often the least donated, due to its perishability.

Dairy farmers and milk processors are working together to launch the GREAT AMERICAN MILK DRIVE. The first ever. Simply go to http://www.milklife.com/give or text MILK to 27722 and donate as little as $5.00 to a family in our area.   By entering your zip code, you will ensure a coupon for milk is delivered in our community. Every dollar collected will go to purchase nutritious milk to local families.

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board is excited to share this information and ensure that every family in America's Dairyland has access to milk!

Looking for a social group for your 3 year old? Wondering how your child will interact within the educational environment? Interested in learning more about Dodgeville School District? Click on the link above to learn about play dates now being offered every Wednesday at DES.
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